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May 5, 2021 9:25 PM

LJAL Complex Guidelines - Covid

LJAL Complex – Covid Safety Guidelines - ***UPDATED May 11, 2021***

Starting today, May 11, the complex will be following the MPA and State of Maine Community Sports Guidelines for Outdoor Sporting Events. When at the LJAL complex, these same guidelines will be followed. Per the Maine Community Sports Guidelines “Masks are not required for outdoor practices and competitions, but are recommended when 6 feet of physical distance is hard to maintain (e.g. athletes on the bench). They are required when individuals go inside (e.g., to locker rooms or rest rooms)”.

As always, if you or your athlete is feeling unwell or sick, please stay home.

All spectators that aren’t apart of the same cohort or family should remember to maintain 6’ feet of distance, as much as possible.

If your athlete or anyone in your immediate family is considered a “close contact”, they cannot attend or come to the complex until their quarantine time is over. For example, if your child is in quarantine and home from school, they can not participate in any extracurricular activities. Per Maine CDC, this is 10 days after the last close contact.

All other COVID and LJAL Complex Guidelines still apply. These can be viewed at the LJAL website, under the “News” tab.

A few reminders:

·         No Dogs

·         No Smoking

·         No parking in front of a fire hydrant

·         All coaches are volunteers – We ask that you respect them!

·         Our expectation is that you are positive and encouraging to all athletes

Thank you.

LJAL Board

LJAL Complex – Covid Safety Guidelines April 2021

  • All local & state health official guidelines must be followed while using the LJAL fields or batting cages.
  • No handshaking/celebrations: Players and coaches should refrain from handshakes, high fives, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.
  • No sharing of playing equipment, gloves, fielder’s mask, catcher’s helmets, helmets, water bottles etc.
  • Baseballs and Softballs should be cleaned whenever possible.
  • All participants have to wear a face mask while at the LJAL complex. For example, umpires, players, coaches, scorekeepers, etc. If a player chooses to wear additional PPE, they may do so as long as it does not compromise the safety of other players. *** Please see updated guidelines above on 5.11.21***
  • Cleaning supplies, as well as hand sanitizer, will be available at the LJAL complex.
  • Families should be advised to have backup supplies in the player’s equipment bag for use when needed and their own marked water bottle or sports drink.
  • Fans attending games will need to be wearing a mask at all times and should follow 6’ social distancing guidelines at all times. *** Please see updated guidelines above on 5.11.21***
  • Any player, or person not feeling well, should not attend games or practices.
  • Pregame conference will be limited to one (1) Coach per team and one (1) Umpire. Social distancing of 6’ is required.
  • The use of candy, chewing gum and/or sunflower seeds is not permitted by anyone on the LJAL complex.
  • Dugouts will be in use, but players/coaches will need to maintain social distancing. Full teams will not be allowed in a dugout at the same time. Players/Coaches are okay to use the area to side of the dugouts to maintain social distancing.
  • No team or dugout coolers are permitted.
  • Dugouts will be sanitized at the end of each use, by the team using the dugout.
  • The LJAL Complex Covid Safety Guidelines are subject to change.


Coaches, players, family members, or spectators who are sick or who are experiencing any of the following symptoms or live with someone who is Covid-19 positive may not participate in practices or games.  Symptoms include:



shortness of breath


muscle pain

difficulty breathing

repeated shaking with chills


unexplained headache


sore throat

new loss of taste or smell



If you are not feeling well, stay home.


If a player tests positive, all members of the team will be contacted.


If a player or coach exhibits symptoms during practice or a game they will be sent home.


If you or someone in your household tests positive for Covid-19 you will:

  • Communicate this information immediately to a coach or board member.
  • Stay home.  

If a player, coach, or spectator tests positive for Covid-19 Lisbon Junior Athletic League will:

  • Communicate this information to the players, coaches, umpires, and family members associated with the team.

If you test positive for Covid-19, you must follow Maine CDC Guidelines for re-entry into games and practices.

If you live in a household with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19:

  • You need to self-quarantine for 10-14 days before rejoining play AND
  • Be symptom free.

If a player or coach is considered a “close contact”. They must follow Maine CDC Guidelines for re-entry into games and practices.



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